Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa!!!!!!!! I know Him!!!!!! He's Coming Here!!!!!

Okay, sorry I got carried away with the title -- I love Christmas movies=) We took Bella to see Santa yesterday and I fully expected for her to scream. Arrabella cries unless she is in my arms. So I placed her in Santa's arms and quickly got of the way. The lady didn't take her picture because she was waiting for Bella to look at the camera. In my head I was yelling, "Take the picture before Bella has a melt down!" She didn't have a meltdown...didn't even cry. I was shocked. Shocked. It was magical=) Here is what happened...

"Um, Santa? Hi, I just wanted to tell you a few things" said Bella

"Well little girl, have you been a good girl?" Santa replied in a deep voice.
"I've been a very good girl, you can ask my mama. And all I want for Christmas is 3 cupcakes, a teddy bear, a baby and a unicorn."


"Okay, Mama, I'm ready to go now.

I love that girl!
Merry Christmas


Leslie said...

those are priceless photos!! Bella loves Santa!

Dora said...

Great pictures!

bedheadmaestro said...

wow, if all Santa lap pictures were photographed so well, I'd have taken Dorothy to do it!