Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tim and Meredith: Annapoils Area Engagement Photographer

I think Tim and Meredith should change professions and work for the post office because they sure didn't let the 22 degree weather stop them from getting some amazing portraits on Saturday!  I mean it was COLD! Of course, Tim loves the cold weather so he didn't mind so much ;)  Looking forward to your wedding in July!  And thank you, Christal, for your awesome warm-building-finding!

Go BIGGER it will make it all better!

When ordering session portraits for a wall, many people hesitate to order larger than a 11 x 14. I mean that's huge right? Wrong! Take a look at an 11 x 14 portrait on the mantel. It looks ridiculous and out of place.

Well while browsing, I came across this blog post about the size of portraits. It is amazing the way Amy Ro explains the sizing of pictures for your wall. Go. Read. Then order...Bigger!

P.S. Meredith sneaks are coming I promise!