Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home from Iraq

My brother has been in Iraq for about a year and has just come home in March. Well my very large family all met at one of my sister's home to have a birthday/welcome home party for him. I took some of the kids outside and had fun playing with them and watching them laugh when I tried to get on some of the small toys=) Thankfully no pictures of that! Um... not sure why I don't have any pictures of my brother=)My sister made this super cool cake(which tasted great!) to imitate the sand of Iraq with a mine sweeper (of course I joked that it looked like my brother was sweeping the roads with a broom=)

Baseball Parade

Jared had his opening day parade and he had a great time. It was the fastest moving parade I've ever been in so it kept me moving=) I was supposed to take pictures of his first game soon but the fields were too wet. So I'll visit him on the field again soon...

Jared's dad is also the coach and it is neat to see how Jared soaks up every word he says=)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Matthew and Kathleen

Matthew and Kathleen are already married but are having their wedding in less than a month. You see Matthew found out two weeks after their engagement last year that he was being deployed to Iraq. So they got married but never had a wedding. Matthew just returned in March so Kathleen is finally able to have her wedding=)

My legs are a little out of shape... Kathleen wanted to climb the tower where we were shooting and by the time we reached the top I thought I might die=) great pictures though!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Honeymoon pictures

Okay finally have some of my honeymoon pictures posted. My sisters have been asking for a while to see them so here they are. Not all but a start. We went to Ireland for a 10 days and , though cold and rainy, we had an awesome time. We stayed in a castle and it was everything I had dreamed it would be.

Rob was so good about letting me take pictures. He never said no when I asked him to pose...again.

National Art Museum of Ireland

I loved getting pictures of us together but with not many people out we had to set it on self timer. Not the best but still love it.

Clontarf Castle -- Our hotel was beautiful and we loved staying there. It had the perfect combination of modern and traditional aspects.

Once again Rob letting me take picture after picture. As soon as I saw the halls of the hotel I fell in love and knew I had to capture it on camera.

City Centre - Dublin We spent alot of time in the heart of Dublin where there was an abundance of neat shops, old buildings full of history, and places to eat.

On a tour of Dublin we visited an old jail where many Irish rebellion leaders were imprisoned and killed. This was one of our favorite stops because our tour guide made it so interesting. After the prison was closed the main cell hall (below) was used in a couple of films.
At the time both Rob and I were 25 so we could not rent a car. But we would take the bus which was probably better. I could see frustration developing if we had to drive on the wrong side of the car, wrong side of the road in a city that doesn't mark its roads!
For some reason I thought this man's face was so interesting and he captured my attention as soon as he got on the bus. So I took a picture while pretending to take a picture of Rob=)
In the center of the city there were several pieces of moving "art." Rob and I thought they were kind of creepy but they were everywhere !

Tea Time

When Rob and I came home from our honeymoon, we were met by two of our neighbors. They had balloons and a huge banner welcoming us home. It was so sweet, so after we settled in I had a tea party for them and also invited my nieces. We had a lot of fun decorating our picture pages and the purses I had made the girls. Rob also enjoyed the snacks when he came home=)