Thursday, March 20, 2008

Joel and Company

When I took pictures for the Hesses, yesterday, I started with their new baby, Joel. He and momma looked so sweet together and the light from the window made for such great pictures. However, the other three kids were not to be ignored and soon we found ourselves outside in the rain. Ron was nice enough to hold an umbrella for me and the kids didn't mind it a bit=) A little drizzle never hurt anyone! And because of the cloud cover, I was able to get great pictures of the kids.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've never seen so many funny faces! Kyle had all the looks from the old man wrinkled forehead to bored and crazy=) He wasn't giving in to sleep either not without his pacifier=)

Brandon's Grad Pictures

Brandon was up for anything for his graduation pictures this week and we ended up in the woods shooting pictures of him in his army camouflage. I was able to get some really fun shots of him and the weather was perfect.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Handsome Man=)

Yesterday, Rob took me on an impromptu date to some of the places where he grew up and worked. We stopped at a little mom and pop shop and got a sandwich and milkshake (sooo good=) I think the sandwich was about 5 inches thick! Then we stopped at a railroad bridge and walked around a little. We found a set of awesome (somewhat scary) steps that led to nothing but forest. Strange. We walked a little farther into the woods and found an old demolished building, but I started to get scared and we turned around=)

The steps picture isn't very good because the camera kept slipping so we are way down at the bottom of the picture. The steps actually went down about 15 more feet.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Zachary, Wesley, and Trevor

My nephews, Zachary and Wesley, are either getting along great or wrestling on the ground - no in betweens=) You have to have a lot of energy to keep up with these hilarious kids. Trevor is still content to be held or lay and watch to shenanigans the other two are pulling=) I love you guys!


As I started making my website I realized that I needed more pictures to show my work. So my new nephew, Trey, was drafted. I don't think he minded though - think he liked the final outcome=) I had been driving around and found a street with a huge mural and couldn't wait to photograph it. My favorite picture is Trey doing a jump in front of it - just so cool=)


Of all my friends, Christal is the most spontaneous. The most likely to agree when I suggest a crazy trip or a late night bonfire. She's the one beside me when we tie our sleds to the back of her husband's truck and go careening down the side of a mountain! She is my neighbor, my blueberry tea maker, the warmer of covers when I'm sick, my almost-like-a-sister friend. And just recently my fellow gardener - you'll have to help me out a lot there Christal=)

When she l came to pick me up last Wednesday (to go shopping=) I thought she looked especially ravishing and as soon as I saw her I wanted to take pictures! So after shopping, we went to an old historic city and spent an hour taking pictures. We had a great time and would have spent longer (at the antiques shops=) but had to get back to pick up her son from school. A bit unplanned but I love spontaneity - actually I just love that word!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby Jackson

Just a few weeks old but sooo cute=) My nephew, Jackson, was so much fun to photograph. His sister didn't understand why her baby couldn't be in the pictures and his brother thinks his bapoom (bottom) is so funny. Got to love them=)